Naive smiley face full of words with no substance

There was a man who entered politics ooh way back in '83
His left wing views and ban the bomb were due to his silly naivety

Now as time progressed and his colleagues popped their cloggs
He climbed the lefty ladder
And as a result of some stupidity the party became so even madder!

Now he did a deal with a scottish greasy slimey toad whose name was Mr Brown
But who was to say that soon one day this man would tax us out of town

Now both were lefty socialists who despised the wealth of the Rich
But you have to understand one's poor decisions in life - he is married to a witch!

Now you would think that this man had a clue, and knows his bread and butter
But you have to question life in his home when they pulled his son out of the gutter

This man was fooled to think that he could do whatever he promised or what he said
But it was not until in '97 when the dap got in - that you realised you had all been mislead!

Well he may be a nice smiley chap with a face all full of words
He might even have some appeal, and be a vote winner with the birds!

But 10 years on and we all look back - what has he done for you and me
He has a year to go to sort it out - now he wants to create a legacy

He said and promised anything so that we would all give him the job
but sadly as the only alternative - he has been a total flop!

Surrounded by the lefties - he has really been quite restricted
For his polices for you and me were nothing like depicted

So next time when you see a smiley face who talks alot of trap
Please analyse actually what they say - if you look it's actually crap!

I could see all this coming - I warned everyone in advance
But it seemed his youthfall talking spin had the electorate in a trance

From this poem you can learn a lesson - you can write it down for futures sake
That lefties who promise everything - leads a whole lot of promises to break!

Now we are left with the prospect of the man soon stepping down
We are faced with a scottish communist whose name is Gordon Brown!

I can't stand the greasy lefty who thinks everything can be solved with a tax
Well don't let that commy too near to me - or I will tell him all the facts

If he comes down south this way - and his car my house does pass
I will use all the energy I have left in me to jump out my wheel chair ...

..............................AND KICK HIM UP THE BRAIN!!!!

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 772 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 03:24

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I love it when you jump like that .. my fire cluster sugar bone you . At least mister Brown makes you roll .. (or was it that last green coctail , peachbumb .)
Lets dance .