Good advice from an frail old man who cares

WHY OH WHY is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

Please think quite carefully
Take time to recompense
For the grass always looks greener
on the other side of the fence!

It all looks different from where you tend to stand
But take the time to search deep inside
The answer is more closer and at hand
Don't get taken for a ride

You must never be too hasty
You must look further to see others intentions
Cos if you take the move across the fence
The pain will be too hard and for some will be way beyond comprehension

We all take too much for granted
What we have close at hand
We all look for that opportunity
But do we really understand?

Some people talk oh so clever
and what they offer seems so inviting
But do you really know them that well to know
What actually could be quite frightenening?

So better the devil that you know
Than that the devil that you don't
The bright lights of stardom fame and fortune
When you get there - great ? or will it won't?

You realise if you climb the fence
You might not be able to come back
The consequnce of your opportunity
Will really break your back

Please don't climb across the fence
I'd rather you climb up high into the tree
From way up there you can see quite far
It will give a good sense of reality

Now the others on the other side
Who beckon you to come over and see
But is it in your own intrests?
Or is it for their own gain and vanity?

Now I say this cos I'm caring
Hold on to what you've got
In many years to come when fiery passion is gone
Look back and you will be so grateful for your lot

For I too have been tempted
From the other side of the fence
But when I looked at it very deeper
I really had no defence!

Now the grass will always look greener
on the other side of the fence
Remember :- all that glitters is not gold
take time to recompense

I only say this as I really do care
And coudn't stand to see little broken hearts
Who are so beautiful and cool and fun
What will they say when you have to depart?

Now though this may be difficult
and yes it will really take some time
You've made your bed so you must lie in it
Cos it felt right once? yes it did - once apon a time?

Now everyone is affected
by your difficult situation
Take time to check it out
It could just be infactuation

Now I only really wrote this
for someone special and for whom I care
You will never know too much about this old man
Tell you? - no I wouldn't dare!

There is only one solution
It will be hard but do it with strong pride
You can make the grass so greener
Make it greener ALL ON YOUR SIDE!

So put on your garden gloves
Yes for a time you may feel some sad pain
But as your work your garden green again
You can do your crying in the rain

Take care and be good
Sleep tight and don't worry a single peep
Look after those sweet little angels
Who under your house roof that do sleep!

Pain is only short term
It can be healed over time
And when one day when you do look back
You will shout ............."What was I like?!!! -No one's grass is geener than mine!!!!"

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 900 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 04:11

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made me think and also smile

Audrey Barber
Oh very true, The grass is always greener on the other side until you reach it to find out that it was all brown and dying.

I liked this such advice.

oh , my darling old fool . I get your message .. through these tears . What a lovely thing to do , always coming to my rescue after all these years . But must I die this broken ?