The 'C' word !!!


The incompetent bloody fools at the 'C'ouncil !!!

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 849 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 12:16

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English War Veteran aged 98
Tai Chi!!

You are hot - you got it in one !!!!

Oh I get it old man! Allow me to explain to Zoya. Here in britain Zoya, we have these councils of elders locally elected to waste public money and behave officiously towards any member of the public who dares to enquire as to 'what the F""k they think they are playing at?' They lord it over the local population, spend all there time having meetings to organised more meetings and claiming expenses, whilst discussing naff all! Oh and these Councils harrass the poor and vulnerable in the community by sending nasty Bailiffs after you if you get behind with their disproportionately exstortionate charge, for doing 'Naff all'! Does that help? Smiling at you and thanking the old geeza for the opportunity to rant.....I hate the 'C' word and I hate the bloody council more! Tai

This made me laugh - I shared it with my dad who laughed even harder

Zoya Zaidi
Sorry! Did not get it!