Indians will understand this one better. Read the last lines carefully.


Cowards with cotton wool in their ears,
The giggly girls will scream and hide,
Look up for the teasing rockets
And the shooting stars
And those magnificent umbrellas
That make you feel the sky is falling on you.

Everything goes off with a bang
The Deadening noise
The Blinding sight
The light
Later Sweets, Saris and Songs

Who looks up to see your lights?
They dare to come out on a night like this!
Twinkling as they always do
Who will thank you today?
Who will praise you for the stars?

Poetry by Parnika
Read 1006 times
Written on 2006-10-24 at 07:19

Tags Festivals  Stars  Light 

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Mark J. Wood
In a sky full of fireworks, a single candle has no chance; on a dark night, that same candle shines out like a beacon. Where I live, Diwali lights are mixed with those for Christmas and the season of festivities extends across the two celebrations.

I hadn't thought of them as being like umbrellas: it's like it is the shower and the umbrella at the same time.

nice, beautiful way to describe
about Diwali

Amanda K
simple and cute.well-done.

:) nice