I saw this picture sent by my mother, an ex-soldier and it almost brought me to tears. Based on James Blunt's "No Bravery", another ex-soldier.

They even pray there too!

War is hell,
There is no glamor in it,
Whoever says it is,
They have lived there,
Or refused to see the reality,
Slapping them in the face,

Everyday we do the exact things,
That God himself told us never to do,
We take each other lives,
Physically and mentally,
No one is free from that in war,
We can butter it up,
Scream defense, but like Ghandi said before,
It's temporary settlement, but the deeds to get there,
Are eternal,

The devil's only power over man is persuasion, I said before,
And it shines so brightly in what we see today,
But so does the true power of faith,
Of right, of a better tomorrow,
All we have to do is find and walk,
The right path,
Sonny Chiba said In "Kill Bill Vol. I",
That revenge is not a path, but a forest,
And like every forest, it is easy to lose your way,
I'll even add James Bond to this,
In "For your eyes only" he stated that,
"The Chinese proverb said that in order to seek revenge,
You must first build two graves",

Linger do these questions live,
As we carry our weapons,
As we march upon the streets, everywhere,
It's not natural for us,
Because we are all children of love, first and foremost,
Our parents of the 60's so said so,
Where are we going, George?,
What do we do now, Tony?,
Why do you hate us, Osama?,
And why must you destroy, N. Korea and Iran?,

A great leader learns from the mistakes,
Of an opressor or tyrant,
You cannot conquer with eternal fear,
But with eternal and even immortal love,
That is what is left,
When everything real has been ripped from you in war,
When the true neccessities become so real and poignant,
All you have left is your knees and hands,
And hope for a better tomorrow,
To live to see it,
You see, my friend,
We even pray here, too,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 420 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 21:43

Tags Bravery 

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Kathy Lockhart
wow this is wonderful! I love this series. Thanks for posting it.

I always hate poetry about war and who is to blame. It usually leaves me feeling down and depressed...But this is an astounding piece of work Brian. You are truly a gentle dove and point us to so much truth. I think is your best piece of work and I say that knowing how much I do love everything that you write.