Written for my Mom and Dad.

One Single Tear

Nearly fifty years together, he was always at her side.
Mom feels so alone since the day dad died.
Alone in thier empty home every night and day
She just sits in her rocker, passin' the time away.

One single tear falls now they're apart.
As she clutches his picture close to her heart.
They vowed to love til thier lifes were through.
Now one single tear falls, her loves'ever true.

She's lived a good life, now in her twilight years.
Remembers in her heart, the laughter, the tears.
She recalls his warm eyes as she kissed him good-bye.
He said, I'll be waitin for you, to be back at my side.

She can still feel his warm touch, see the love in his eyes
Hear him say I love you as she tries not to cry.
But,one single tear falls as she relives her past.
Wanting to go home to her love at last.

Poetry by Sandra Finch
Read 729 times
Written on 2005-10-02 at 13:03

Tags Grief 

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Sandra Finch
Yes, I am fine. It's hard losing that most wonderful people in your life. My mom died just over one year after my dad. He was her life. If we all could find this kind of love this world would be in better shape.

Wow!This is very good, the emotion is carried to the reader, you really know how to...very sad though, losing someone you love...hope you're ok, since a person normally writes what their feeling at that moment...

I almost started to cry!
So many feelings in these words. Well written, a great piece of work!