Based on a song I remembered long ago.

I'm sorry about the weather

It comes and goes,
As we first did,
And how we are now,
Back to strangers,
Only this time far away,

The weather gave us the summer,
A bitter night of heat,
Which resulted into a passion,
A fierce love between us,
The grew strong and abnormally,
Between us,

Once again, the weather gave us fall,
Passion became jealousy and bitterness,
You accuse me, I try to hang on,
To what I remember of you,
Always, at times, you come to my senses,

The weather then gave us winter,
Things became colder, as strangers do,
Bitterness became hate,
And we stayed away from reality,
And lived in a fantasy world,
Of things can only get better,
But when, and how?,

Spring came, but it only heated up the bitter,
Only to result to lost, reality came in,
And we weren't prepared,
We weren't prepared at all,
Finally, there were no heroes anymore,
Just a lie, made between us,
In the seasons of the weather,

I'm sorry for my part of the weather,
I hear it snows now where you are,
And I know how you hate cold, so I'll ah,
Give you this blanket of hope,
That one day, someday,
The love that made us strangers,
Will make us what we should have been in the first place,
Friends, in the weather,
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 727 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 03:59

Tags Weather 

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Mukul Dahal
Great comparison. Great write.

Mukul Dahal
Great comparision. Great write.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
this is indeed a masterpiece sir a fine example of your skill at its best

i book mark this it reminds me of the song 'we seem like passing strangers now'

but iam sure the weather will bring sunshine soon well done rgds mike

Zoya Zaidi
Beautifully expressed:
Weathers change,
and so do feelings,
Weathers come back,
But, do feelings?
Weathers are for all seasons,
Is love always there, without reason?
Seasons come and nature goes on,
Feelings gone, does life go on?

Question such as this haunt us...
Does life bring the answers along?

((Hugs Saga, this is a masterpiece!)))


Love, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart
This is a great comparison between weather changes and relationships. You have spoken the reality of so many relationships and how they have gone cold.