Every one seeks happiness in life; great expectations from without; Little realizing that happiness is within our selves; I took a whole lifetime to realize that...just want to share with you my friends...

Seeking Happiness

Seeking happiness all my life,
I have been desperately waiting for it
Anxiously questioning myself at every bend:
Am I happy?
Is this happiness?
Is this fulfillment?
Even when I decided: yes it is!
Apprehension kept gnawing at my heart:
Will it stay, will it last?
Just the thought making me
Unhappy in the bargain...

But, happiness eluded me,
(Or, at least I thought it did),
I guess I was waiting for it
To come from outside,
To fall into my lap, of its own...

Then, never to be the one
To remain down for long, I decided:
What the heck! Let it be!
I'll not seek happiness from without:
Why depend on something, I have no power
To command,
To demand,
No, power to hold!
What I cannot change, I cannot change!
But, what I can change is myself,
My expectations, my outlook...

I tell you, it was not an easy decision to make,
It took me all my life to understand:

I decided to seek happiness from within:
By doing things I always wanted to do,
By doing things I enjoy doing,
(And not what I ought to do
Or, thought I should do
That is to be politically correct?),
Just be myself!

I took only one precaution:
Never to step on anybody's toe
While doing so...

That moment I decided that,
I relaxed-
Anxiety out-
I began to enjoy myself,
To stop and savour the moment that was,
And now I do exactly what I want to do
(Like inflicting this poem on you!)

And I am happy!

I think now:
Why did I lose all those years?
In pursuit of a mirage;
I think the happiness has been within me
All along...
And that makes me happy,
Immensely happy...
Myself Happy,
I make other around me happy
That in turn makes me happy,
Things have come full circle....

I don't know,
Think whatever you may?
But, that makes sense to me...
I am tranquil,
More in tune with myself
More at peace with myself...

And I think that is happiness...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi

Sketch by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 855 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 05:00

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Amanda K
choices we make and accepting their consequences is what makes us happy. a wise poem that one feels absolutely happy after reading it.

Zoya Zaidi
You have to find it within yourself, dear Kaye, it is not for me to make you happy or unhappy...
Take care of yourself dear friend!
Love, Zoya

So much wisdom in one poem!

So much wisdom in one woman! :)

A full circle indeed!

To seek happiness from within:
so wise and good! :-)

"To stop and savour the moment that was,
And now I do exactly what I want to do.../
...Why did I lose all those years?
In pursuit of a mirage..."
The happiness-energy is in THE PRESENT,
inside at the core of our own heart!

A very good write filled with important realizations.

so much wisdom....and beautifully written.
All that we need for happiness is inside of us...so true. great write, Cheryl x

Amanda K
Dear Zoya,
Realization here is what matters most. Realizing what in our hands, what we can control and manage not beyond our reach or expecations. i respect noble feelings here as well that you won't seek happiness through taking advantage of others or harming them. Simple words here made a full pictures of what it means to be happy.

Be always happy and glad,
Amanda K

oh yes. we're all happy but we convince ourselves that we aren't and that's why we become unhappy (confusing?). human nature, you see.it's a lovely text, congrats :P

You found the truth at last!!!

This is wisdom speaking with your voice Zoya!

beautifuly written!!!!
lovely way of expressions of
happiness. to realize it..

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Zoya this beautiful poem is so lovley and is so profound. The truth is we all seek it in some form or another well done rgds mike

Kathy Lockhart
I love what you inflict! I love this so much it is in my favorites. You have spoken to me a truth that I need to hear. I thank you for it. I say yes! Yes! and Yes! : ) xxx