Now go on

Now comes a time, full of pain
I'm sorry, I'm embarrassed, and I'm ashamed
If I just had you by my side, to tell me what to say
To light up my day, to guide my way

If I died, would you cry baby, for me
Baby, would you regret that you said we couldn't be
Cause I hardly can breathe, I can't eat, I can't sleep
You're inside of my heart, so deep

But I'm tired of crying, wanting you back
I'm tired of wishing for something I can't have
Cause yeah, I miss you, a lot, but I don't know
If loving and missing you, is the right way to go

I'm alone again, and it doesn't feel good
I feel worse than it should
But I will live, and I will go on
Now please, just guide me home

Poetry by Lena
Read 746 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 20:56

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Mukul Dahal
Wonderful portrayal of pain.

it's beautiful...

Audrey Barber
I know the feeling.
Well done good Ryhmes too