Hollow Soul

The times of knowledge came to me
And embraced my hollow soul
The moment where I met you
And where I lost control

In the shadows of the ways
You led my soul to fear
You embraced the hollow soul I had
And made me feel you near

I came to see and conquer
But this is where I lost
The sun moved slightly
Without knowing its great cost

Free of venom, and reborn
Where you sat your foot you'll be
And I am here, all alone
With all that's left of me

Right, or wrong
Weak or strong

In silence, the winds raise its voice
And we are left here with no choice
I can feel the summer ending
It's clearly in the air
But the earth does not answer me
When I ask if it is fair

Then the stones of sea go to sleep
The ocean is angry, and strikes at the creek
No remorse, or regret, or love does it feel
In search of hollow souls, and what you found is real

Poetry by Lena
Read 676 times
Written on 2010-08-18 at 23:06

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