Do you sleep alone?

Say the final words goodbye
Just do it, you know I will cry
If it feels good to know you're free
Remember what you took from me

The rain is falling down tonight
You lead me here you were me light
I'm walking where I've never been
Seeing things I've never seen

Now dawn, seems so colder
My body's tired, and I look much older
In the mirror is a face that I rarely see
Showing only shadows of the darkest part of me
Where you hide you sorrows that you seldom show
The deepest part of you that doesn't make you glow
When the coldness makes you freeze remember what you said
Leave forever now, you know our love is dead

Do you ever dream of days we used to have together
When you held me, said that it could never get better
I wonder if you sleep alone, in an empty bed
I do not sleep at all, after all the things you said

Poetry by Lena
Read 696 times
Written on 2010-08-18 at 23:03

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Touchs the heart.keep it up

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tell me how you feel now :)