These are the last thoughts that I share with you.
Thank you for being there through all my strife.
With out you next year what am I to do?
How will I get through all the "facts of life?"

This is my chance to get to say goodbye,
So my feelings I will have to pour out.
I'll do it but I will try not to cry,
The chances of that I do highly doubt.

To talk with you relieves me of all stress.
I fell secure and invulnerable.
Your smile could conquer everything, no less
Your laugh will always light up my world.

You deserve more than what I have to give.
I know your not ready so I will wait
But without you I don't think I could live
SO I will just stay here and hope for fate.

Your leaving now so I'll try not to cry.
I'll miss your love and now I say goodbye.

Poetry by Rhett
Read 764 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 23:01

Tags Goodbye  Love 

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