You are the one

The love i feel for you is uncompared
THe way you make me feel I've never known
THe best part is that this feeling is shared
Because of this, I think it should be shown.
I love you more than ever known to me
YOur wonderful in every single way
I love your perfect personality
I think about you every single day
I dream about you every time i sleep
Your kissing me with arms around my neck
you say you love me which makes my heart leap
this sweet embrace i hope to never wreck.
And baby even tough we were apart
Together now, I love with all my heart.

Poetry by Rhett
Read 959 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 23:22

Tags Love  Perfection  Happiness 

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"If you love something you got to let it go, and if it comes back then it means so much more. And if it never does, at least you will know that it was something you had to go through to grow." Heather Headly

Very good way of showing this quote's truth. I like your writings.