What else you do after you "Put it on"?

Take it off

When sun falls,
So do our days,
But our nights, if we demand,
Belong to us,

In the longest day,
I run to your door,
Wait for a response,
Or like always,
Wait, even if I bore,

Because when eyes meet,
And night is in gloom,
The chemistry,
This uncontrollable chemistry,
Begins again, night by night,
Crescent to Full,

Sometimes we rip,
Sometimes we're gentle,
We keep the dry cleaners busy,
With alterations and cleaning,
But that's not important now,
We like to see each other dress,
To learn, a new way,

A way to feel the clothes off,
From the tongue to the zipper,
To teeth to a belt,
"It's all in the wrist",
Because it's all in the passion,
There is nothing so strong and passionate,
As two feeling the same for one another,
The skill of peeling the covers from the fruit,
It depends on the hunger inside,

That's why revealing is for amatuers,
Elequence is for the passionate,
Because you are the fruit,
Ready to be peeled, ripe or even rotten,
It brings style, class,
Even the less in mind and heart know this,
And this is why the night,
Means so much,
So tell me my chemical reaction,
Are you hungry?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 384 times
Written on 2006-10-28 at 07:30

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Nice poem

wow now that's passion
a very sexy write ...left me feelin warm