To the obscene and misunderstood!!!

Foul - Mouth

Judging is just like candy,
You always eat too much,
I.E. Halloween,

Freedom is saying what you want,
And telling people how you really feel,
Even if your vocabulary is somewhat, short,
There is something in the approach,
That we as people cannot deny,
And that is "rebel",
It's in all of us,
Born from ideas and triggered by things we see,
And believe that are just "wrong",

One has found that in the words carried upon,
His utility belt,
Simple and straight,
Brave and put his chest out,
To take the hits,
You can't help but stand up and clap,
Because that's what freedom is,
Say what you mean and tell people what you really feel,

You were misjudge,
You are misjudged,
And yet here you stand tall,
Pull a poem out of your behind,
And show off your chest,
To the bullets of criticism,
Just like everybody else,

But man, you got a sailor's mouth,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 361 times
Written on 2006-10-30 at 08:10

Tags Foul 

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I think when people resort to using those kind of words excessively they lose all their power...words are words are words...but when they are used to hurt someone I dislike them ear is always drawn to the soft, gentle kindness and wisdom of your words saga.