Dark autumn night.

Like Celine Dion says:
All by myself,
Don't want to be, all by myself anymore.
That's how it feels today,
I don't want to be all by myself anymore,
I want you here.

To warm my bed in the dark autumn night.
To hold me when I wake up.
To comfort me when I cry.
To make me laugh to my fears.
To love me for whom I am.
Just like I love you.

But lonely nights I will go trough,
And lonely I will be when I wake up.
I will cry my self to sleep,
And fear my fears I will do.
But love you,
No one can stop me from.
Love you,
Is the only thing I love to do.

Words by Miss unknown
Read 884 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 10:35

Tags Love 

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Zoya Zaidi
WHAT A LOVELY DECLARATION! And the dedication! Forceful! Really comes from the heart. The now and here kind! VERY BRAVE, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL! XXX

*snuggles* awwww poor one, i hope you find someone better for you to love :) and for them to love you in return