co-written with Liz Munro

Footprints of Sacrifice And Tears

The fog shrouds the morning sun,
its cold, misty fingers prying
into any exposed piece of flesh,
as the soliders march across the field.

Dampened spirits, weary and worn
ragged and tattered souls tread
across bogs and scorched earth,
leaving footprints of sacrifice and tears.

What is the cause they're sacrificing for?
what is the point of this bloody war?
delivered into a man-made hell,
broken soliders march on
March on with eyes of sorrow and shattered hearts,
fighting continuously whether light or dark
crawling across a no-man's land,
all to suposedly help their fellow man.

Men and women offer their lives
in honour of their country, they often ruthlessly die,
War is a wretched battlefield clothed in despair,
Why does hatred spread in fear
leaving scars to fester and go unhealed?
when will peace come at last?


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1246 times
Written on 2006-11-02 at 06:15

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brian paglia
Well you've blown me away today.I can't tell you how I've enjoyed the pieces you've shared today.This is possibly my most passionate subject as it relates to the contradiction of humanity.To be fighting for peace has always had a sour ring to it and you captures very tastefully.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is a very good depiction of what soldiers sacrifice as they engage in blood battle. Fear is one of the things they fight the most. It is hell. But, there has always been war and always will be war. That is the sad truth. Because man is imperfect and evil plays upon that imperfection. To not fight the evil would be to give the world over to it, unfortunately that is often our only choice. When we must go to war, we must go at it in full support of our cause and of our soldiers. That is the only way to defeat the enemy.

Yes, this is such a true-to-life poem!
War is so unnecessary, when will man understand that?

We want peace!!



Dan Cederholm

Hey there Kathy and Liz what a great co

work!!! War is never the solution and

peace can never justify a war . . .

So we march on with tears in our eyes and

blood on our fingers . . .

When will peace come at last?


Sincerely with hugs, Dan


You are very right
"What is the cause they're sacrificing for?
what is the point of this bloody war?"
The most disturbing of the issue is that it is a man that commands man to go to war and die while he enjoys in his home or office. I call it unfairity

keith nunes
well done ladies. a cruel and ugly cause and the people die. what for indeed?

Rob Taylor
That is so very great! I love your work!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Kathy a very powerful cowrite between you and liz this is wonderful rgds mike

You both have depicted the truth of war, there is no glamor, there is no bravery, only loss on both sides, unfortunately is neccessary, but it must be last resort, not grudge instinct!!! Great duet Kathy and Liz!!!!!