"read not - if you read only the rhymes..." -- end of quote

Black Matter

The night is glowing
Through empty space
And our imagination's going
To its subsequent place
Nothing forever lasts
Only little lights we are
Bringing our life's casts
Blinking like point star

How easy it seems to be
To say some words of wisdom
And think it's the truth we see
When it's only our accustom
No truth will hold its water
Flowing continuing its flow
Expressions abstracts squatter
Rhyme to hold its glow

But don't judge these words
For they are something else
Flying and shifting dream birds
No one their future foretells
Wisdom isn't always wisdom
And the rules who made them
The mind and matter dualism
Grow not always the same stem

Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 1067 times
Written on 2006-11-02 at 19:21

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