Based on a phrase made by Matisyahu in "A King without a Crown", "If you try to stay high, you're bound to stay low"

The stretching of the day

In a world that I used to live in,
A world I visit from time to time,
I see it, I see it everywhere,
A reason, there is always one,
"It's a helper",
"It's a living",
"It's a way to belong",

They never say what really ails them,
Why are they truly here,
Or why they depend on the ingredients,
Instead of facing repair,
It never makes the day end,
It makes it go longer,
It seems cool in the beginning,
But then again,
Everyone has seen "Groundhog Day",

They stay "stuck on repitition",
Until either it wears down, mentally and physically,
Or, hopefully, they face the path to their own repair,
And we all do it,
We want to do more in a day,
And we result in to the unnatural,
And somewhat insane,
Until we realize at last,
We are fighting a losing battle,
Against being human,
Against nature,
And worst, even common sense,

Tomorrow must come,
The music must stop,
Reality is not bad,
It something that must be faced,
And dealt with,
In your way, truthfully,
Or it was never dealt with,

Like a rubber band,
You can stretch and stretch,
But ultimately, it's gonna break,
But trust me,
It's not the day that's gonna break,
And at that case, if divine intervention steps in,
It's truly beyond repair,
That's why we say,
"One day at a time",
Because they're no "reset" buttons,
Just situtations that we choose to be "stuck" in,
I guess,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 408 times
Written on 2006-11-04 at 06:05

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Kathy Lockhart
Again you have pricked my brain and awakened my thoughts. They are now a chorus singing in my head.
Some days I am the rubber band.
Some days I am the stretch.

It's like the ruts we live in easy to fall into but so hard to free ourselves from....again you speak with clarity and truth saga....thanks for making us examine our lives and question our motives.