Always sceptical of religion, research eventually begins to show that Christian history of our culture is at best very wrong and at worst, downright false. There have been other worlds than these. But as I child, I believed what I was taught at school. No

Agnostic Revisited

I looked for it in Church, this thing they call Faith.
The arches were pretty, the air was still but in the dusty gloom
Of all those criss-crossed chantry's, I found only
Dust and crumpled petals of
Other people's belief.

I searched for it in school, during many hours of
mindnumbing recital, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus Deuteronomy, Numbers...... As if it mattered,
which order they came in, for the sense
to me was always missing.

I learned a tale, a pretty fable, of fishes and loaves,
heroic escapades and blessed passovers, told daily that
this was the God of me, the one true faith, superior,
in form and style, to all others
Church of England,
King James and his jolly bible
A history of the world according to whom?

Today I learned another Genesis, another creation,
Similar to my own, but different.... Four thousand years different
Other Gods, other times, other faiths....
Same story

So tell me Mr Fisher, Religious Education Teacher,
Bald and boring, which story did you teach me?
Was it truth we sought on dry afternoons with Genesis
And Exodus?
Was it God, or Yahweh, that saved Moses from the wrath of
The pharoahs he cheated?
Did the secrets of Solomon come, not from God, but from Sumer,
from the Seat of Life
From the silty mouth of the Tigris and the lush
Euphrates fruit bowl, from the land of oil,
And war?

Here lie the tablets of a different history, before the legends
of Christ, these other origins of Darwin, in the time of Heroes,
the clash of the Titans,
Here where Mohammad and Jacob are forever opposed
Beneath the eye of Horus, the valley of gold
In the fields of the Nefilim, under the light of the
True creator,
Here lies the bible, and the faith you imposed.

Mr Fisher. You should have looked further than the end of King James.

Poetry by Carey Lenehan
Read 1083 times
Written on 2006-11-04 at 10:19

Tags Religion  History  School 

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