Tongue in cheek rhyme about my fear of Nuclear Power.
I hate the stupidity which keeps us using dirty power in a world which is trying to tell us to stop, and which has more than enough natural power to offer if only we could stop being so.... greedy?

Nuclear Fission Fear

Beneath the rearing Quantocks the land falls flat and green
Where rivers caught by muddy banks seep slowly to the sea
Brown and thick the waters run, through the thick brown land
And hedges high on red sandbanks, criss-cross on either hand

And on the promentary there, a building that is all but square
A looming monolith of size so great it captivates my roving stare
Ten miles from where I stand and still the threat it holds has force
For those stark grey walls conceal within the dirtiest power source

The nuclear proximity of what man has achieved,
The pinnacle of brilliance, so they would like us to believe
Why then do I shiver as I look across the bay
And see the damn thing skulking there on each and every day

So here I sit and fear a bloody meltdown may occur
In which my own dear self will meltdown readily for sure
Will It happen on the morrow or the weekend after next?
Or perhaps sirens even now scream out, Oh! How my ears are vexed!

Will it give us lots of warning or wipe us out in half a mo'?
If I thought that I could make it far enough then I would go
Yet from Hinckley Point to Aldermaston, from Brizewell A to B
From Sellafield to Dooneray Point, nowhere now is free.

Can't we put it all behind us, this filthy nuclear?
Why can we not just shut them all and lay to rest our fear?
Beyond the splitting atom is the wind, the sun, the sea
Far better here to seek our power and leave the atoms be.

Poetry by Carey Lenehan
Read 1029 times
Written on 2006-11-04 at 11:34

Tags Environment  Nuclear  Humour 

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