These is the first of a series of anti-war poetry provoked by military oppression in the world where-ever and by whomever it is done. These days, there seems to be only one Military Oppressor, so the poems reflect that, but my words apply to bullies every

On the Eve Of War

On The Eve of War

We're bringing chaos to your lands
with loaded weapons in our hands
and tanks that leave a legacy
of mutant children and disease

We'll bring our fizzy cola aims
and play our sordid little games
for profit, pride and arrogance,
illuminating our advance

We do not like the things you do,
the threat you bring to our fast food,
the possibility you might
stand up against us when we're right

You don't fit in with our beliefs
You look like murderers and thieves
We cannot trust the things you say
We will not let you live your way

And then, we need to pay you back
for that terrorist attack
We're well aware it wasn't you
but it doesn't matter, you will do

We've sold the world the fallacy
that you will take our Liberty
Threaten our whole society
in all its rich variety

We're going to take your lives away,
change the way you have your say
Ostensibly to ease your toil,
with covert aims to own your oil

And so we've come to change your lives,
annihilate your kids and wives
We tell the world we're in the right

but all we want to do is fight

Poetry by Carey Lenehan
Read 804 times
Written on 2006-11-04 at 10:52

Tags Middleeast  Conflict 

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