Second of a series of anti-war poetry motivated by oppressive forces around the world. Reflects current concerns about a propaganda fed war by the USA on non-democratic nations in an effort to forcibly impose Westernised ideals on a diverse world.

Dust of Victory

And so Iraq in ruins, but where to now?
What patch of dust is in your sights?
What other peaceful 'regime' do you wish to

For the taste of war is on the tongue
and the killing surely isn't done

The ships of your war are waiting still
Ready to carry on, make the seas a flood of
Korean, Syrian or Iranian blood
With your fangs out and biting deep

Why terminate this winning show
with so many enemies still to go?

But tell me, where is Bin Laden?
Have we forgotten in the dust and rubble
of ruined lives

Amid the chaos of death and accident
Those propogators of all this death
slip away from our sight
Leaving others to lose the fight

Where are the bombs to kill us all?
Where are the poisons cached away?
How many nukes? How much anthrax?
Nothing? Just gas masks and suits?
I know there are reasons behind your war
But you aren't telling us what its for

Poetry by Carey Lenehan
Read 741 times
Written on 2006-11-04 at 10:58

Tags Antiwar  Iraq  Conflict 

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