Too fast to grow, too slow to learn and in between, we try to understand!!!

Fast, Slow and vice versa

Quickly, we give birth,
With haste, we try to teach them,
Everything at once,
We have no time to remind,
We have no time to observe them,
Too damn fast to give them everything,
A cell-phone, TV,
Clothes like that person on TV,
And that's where we put them to learn in the first place,
And the results,
They do everything quickly,
Follow, they're not following you anymore,
They follow the flick of the channel,
On the remote that they are big enough to change,
Without you,

So don't get mad,
What did they learn from you,
Neglect and how to not slow down,
They say "I want" and you give,
Without thinking, and you think they will?,
They wear outfits that you know are inappropiate,
And wonder why their minds are off school,
No, too busy to attack the teacher,
And too slow to see that little dora,
Now has a little dora theirselves,
Guess you didn't have time, huh?,

You cannot raise or continue to raise on a television set,
Where are the morals?,
Where is the fire?,
Nuturing is something that is now done through a drive-thru,
And you don't solve your problems by watching it, too,
Here's an idea, talk,
Find out what they really want and need,
And you will find that its not the toys,
Not the TV and cliches,
It's you, you have to give them more than 9 months of your life,
You must give them forever and a better forever,
With giving them the basics,
I'm no expert, but God,
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see,
That most of the student of the 27 inch,
Are now tenants in orange jumpsuits,
Or am I talking too fast or slow for you?,
Who knows?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-11-05 at 08:05

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Excellent advice & poem...I just wrote about time passing by so quickly..doesn't it ever?!?

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Saga you are a sage. This is brilliant. But it is common sense. We have all forgotten common sense. You have told the truth and told it beautifully! This should be required reading for all couples considering marriage, all people considering having children and all children considering having sex. Actually is should be required reading by anyone who can read!

Kathy Lockhart
Well said Brian!

Lazy parenting is a bane on society. We must cherish our children and give them our time or they will grow up to destroys us. Children are a gift who we all should respect and love. They are our future. By taking care to raise them right we are taking care of ourselves really.

so very true