John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) whole life after his son's abduction and death is dedicated to one phrase "One man can make a difference"!!!

Respect the package

For animals who are so fragile,
We are the most confrontational species there is,
We kill that what we don't eat,
We take what does ot belong to us,
And yet, we are civilized enough,
To communicate, share information,
To agree, disagree,
And right what is so wrong,

Patriotism is built on a foundation,
Of love and respect of a home,
Right or wrong,
And before we are patriots of land,
We are patriots of people, all people,
And the true beginning, children of God,

Atrocities and inhumanity are words,
That describe the ugliness of war,
A war hero is a victim,
Of a country who told him/her to fight,
Who did what they were told,
Who acted upon a cause to do the right thing,
In a situation that in itself is wrong,
They will spend a lifetime, living,
Remembering what they did,
To do the right thing,
They pay a price that no one should bear,
Their sanity,

The footsteps of Moses, Ghandi and MLK,
Were written by God,
And interpreted by Elijah Muhammad,
"I tell you, the most dangerous creation in the world,
In any society, is the man with nothing to lose,
You do not need ten such men to change the world,
One will do",
We make our own separations,
Classifications and nullifications,
And still, besides the obvious technicolor,
We all look the same,
And suffer the same fate,
Life and death, plain and simple,
In between should be happiness,
But a protaganist is not without an antagonist,
And herein lies the problem,

Suffering is not natural,
Wrong is not natural,
That is why it is what it is,
There is no justification,
But please leave the infatuation,
Of perfection out of your head,
And see the reality,
Right is to defend yourself at any cost,
Wrong is to curse the one who try to defend,
Right is to find peace at any cost,
Wrong is to bicker with no better way,

This package says "Handle with care" for a reason,
Inside it is something not perfect, but it's needed,
To complete something,
It doesn't make it good, but it doesn't make it bad either,
If you understand this, then you can respect it,
A sign of simple maturity and common sense,
All you can do is the best you can,
We are simply put as "catch 22" people,
Whether you do or not,
The battle is always lost,
But it is the respect to defend,
Respect to right a wrong,
Whether the actions were right or wrong,
Is what helps you win the war,
One man or even ten,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 402 times
Written on 2006-11-05 at 08:51

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Kathy Lockhart
I applaud this Brian! I stand up and applaud. Your wisdom and insight are beautifully written here. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful essay.