The title should speak for itself

When Science becomes Religion

When Science becomes Religion
when truth becomes God
then what becomes your jesus
Scientists I ask you
Who is to be crucified
for your sins, Can you answer me?

Who's your Jesus
Who's your saviour
And where is your heaven
amongst your test-tubes
chemical overdrives and
nuclear detonations?
Do you see your God
in the atom when you split it?

And what is your church
Do you have a temple?
Or do you think you need one
to pray to your deity
whatever it is
What is your last supper?
Do you drink red wine
as a substitute for the
salvation blood?

When Science becomes religion
Then what becomes YOUR faith?

I'm waiting for an answer

Poetry by Charles F Kane
Read 1087 times
Written on 2006-11-05 at 22:48

Tags Science  Religion  Poem 

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Religion is misused, religion is doing the same thing over and over with no heart in it. It becomes religious, dead, just the letter of the law. Everyone can preach religion but religion is to be practised. Science has discovered that the bible is true and it is proven yet they still believe in their doctrine, they are religious in their repetition of beliefs. You can be religious going to the shop without being a christian. I quite liked your question and I am not exactly sure what you mean or where you are coming from?