A small text about Paris

Paris in Spring

There simply is nothing
like the grand city
there is no pity
on those who lives there
where the weather is fair

I wish I could live there
I wish I could go down to Paris
and be spared long cold winters
short summers and those falls
that just does not go anywhere

I wish I could sit in
one of those grand parks
with a croissant, eating
and a bottle of red wine
at the side,standing on
red cobblestone.. Or was it grey

But I don't live in Paris
I don't even speak a word french
Probably could get by on english
maybe.. Maybe.. Maybe..
But it all remains a dream
A wish, A hope dashed by reality

Poetry by Charles F Kane
Read 1004 times
Written on 2009-12-08 at 01:31

Tags Paris  Spring  Wish 

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davon montgomery
I LOVE THIS ALOT..............

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