There is this guy who ordered out for food
and got something else than he ordered
He got pissed, and this is what happened.
Ofcourse like most of my poetry this is fiction,
but still based on situations that could happen
to anyone

About the dangers of ordering out for dinner

I called out for some dinner once
Don't remember, but I think
it was supposed to be italian
But when i got it on my door
and I had opened the package
it was chinese..

Chinese, frigging CHINESE.
I never ordered chinese
So I called down to that place
A shitty place, but it was cheap
and shouted into the phone
"Why the frigging f*ck did you
send me chinese? I ordered italian"
Okey, it was cheap, but
I wanted what I ordered
Not what I got.

So I slammed the phone on the hook
Ran down the stairs from my room
with the food and down to
that diner. "Joe's" was its name
I think atleast it was
Got into the diner, slammed
the package down on the counter
and demanded my money back

I must have looked like a psycho
because the kid behind the counter
pissed himself, he wet himself
I could hear his piss and shit
trickle down his trousers and
drip on the floor.

But I didn't get my money back
So I ran into the managers office
and poured the chinese shit
all over his face, his dress
his counter, his papers.

Got tossed out, without my money
Without my food, Still hungry.
But I did feel better that night.
Sticking it to the Man
even if The Man was a shitty manager
who couldn't see the difference
between italian and chinese

Poetry by Charles F Kane
Read 959 times
Written on 2006-11-26 at 21:52

Tags Poem  Dinner 

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