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78 years old from Canada


Silently she sleeps.
Arms outstretched in random fashion.
Body innocent in naked frankness.
Hair, rich golden billows, cloak her pillow.
A smile. face calm. Eyes gently closed.
Breasts rise in time to easy breaths.
Sun, filtered through lazy leaves from
Old oak trees, envelopes her and plays
shadow games on her demerara skin.
I trace her wondrous lines.
She mews and purrs
And softly moves to bring my hands
to play where her body needs they be.
My finger's tips are gentle, slow and soft
Her moves are more insistent.
Her breath more quick, distraught.
I feel her body quicken to the tension I create.
I feel myself intense.
My hands in slow demanding moves
reach her golden inner thighs
That form a nest in which I lay
And move to meet her cries.
Insistent now. Faster now.
My kiss upon her throat.
She rises `neath my hardened self.
Her luscious ripeness spills.
I enter. We begin the dance
Of longing and uncaring.
To pain as pure as light.
To passion that has longed for
The oneness of delight.
Then in coupled madness
One being, one burst
Of energy, old, when the world was young
Now has been released!
With frenzied arcs of moaning limbs
We complete the other`s need
And now, still one, we softly kiss
And gently lay while yet as one
And kiss with quiet, lazy lips
The day, now ours, to share.

Poetry By josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 916 times
Written 2007-01-09 03:59

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
nice. very, very nice. sigh

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