*This was written on a sunny day out kajaking at the summer beaches (yes we do have those in Sweden too) when the moon was early and the sun still up. Memorized and written down after the arrival back home.

Halfmoon on a Sunny Day

I) Halfmoon...
...on a sunny day
The way I take, is any way
Black Angel Choirs
Over the Far Distant Shore
Ancient Rhymes to Discover
...Over Yonder
II) Drippings in a tunnel without light (a cave)
the might, the fright
like the biddings in the temple of love
Through the reeds - in the water shore
the most precious stone
The Philosopher's Stone
CH) (Halfmoon on a sunny day...)
III) Distant ancient seamarks
shooting up from below
Ancient rhymes to discover
coppulating dragonflies (the reed is their forest)
(on the other side...)
The swamp
the creek criss-crosses, swivels into (it)
Birches never seen
Rotting skulls (ponds) (floating in the water glade)
(Beckoning the Question)
The sun sets in the Horizon (from where I came)
A black feather leads the way on the beach shore
white feathers on the water
(from the other side...)


Poetry by LordParzifal
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Written on 2009-09-27 at 21:26

Tags Nature  Depression  Inspiration 

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