.. fruit of the sea... riddle I thought up, can you tell me what it is?

Fruta di lama

E pisca di mas chikito,
The tiniest of fish,
Te na esun di mas pisá,
To the heaviest of all,
Ta topa cumi y ta landa,
Meet me and swim,
Te na e distancia di mas mirá.
To the most admired distance.

Nan ta traha mi cu e candela,
They made me with the fire,
Den tur cos mi ta huzá,
In all things I am used,
Hende, bestia, aira y awa,
People, beasts, air and water,
Den tur mi ta biba pa recordá.
In these I live to remember.

Tempo mi tabata manera oro,
The time when I was like gold,
Barco yen di mi tabata zweef,
Boats filled with me hovered,
Riba e bello horizonte,
Over the beautiful horizon,
Di mi cas yena di kreeft.
Of my home filled with crabs.

E lama ta hiba mi tur caminda,
The ocean took me everywhere,
Den comchi y caha di cartón,
In bowls and carton boxes,
Mi ta biba den bo habla,
I live in your speech,
Bo curpa y curazón.
Your body and heart.

© Auterkeia Nihil

March 2007

Poetry by Autie
Read 1429 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 17:00

Tags Ocean  Riddle  Life 

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Rob Graber
Entertaining! I may know the answer, but I'm not telling... ;-,?

Well written :)