Emmanuella Choc H. Olettha Evermore Sissah (Distant Echoes Over Yonder-Arrived In Our Lap At Last) *written to a black "sister" in Kentucky once with Pink Floyd's "Echoes" in mind*


Mesopotamia--echoes in my soul, echoes back...planting flowers in the ruins
come little thing, under my wings, safe from everyone....except me....
when we eachother joy bring
white and black
opposites attract
two wild cats
emerge thru Sahara back to shimmering back
nude and prude
touch the reality we dreamt at last
shy and rude
exploding in full circle and kissing as we hear ourself laugh
your laughter is soothing and shows that you care and share
Distant Echoes Over Yonder-Arrived In Our Lap At Last
good people like us always gets hurt
end of motivation in an endless suffocation
while we're leaving our thumbprints on earth
our souls patterns encompasses and float
into eachother caressing
for evermore
Remembering Over Yonder Distant Echoes
ending in awaited life from the Past that lasts
together matching, two become one in a symbol of growth
and a sign of endless flow...


Poetry by LordParzifal
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Written on 2009-10-01 at 03:38

Tags Passion  Nature  Love 

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