tribute to Lamb of God; CA-drums, WA-guitar, MM-lead guitar, RB-vocals, JC-bass

Metal Poetry: Rhyme with a Reason


Chris Adler's just like med thinking drums constantly back in '93
Willie Adler's like when I was 18 trying to make other people happy so it would rub off some back to me
Randy Blythe's just like me when I was an angry metal rookie teen taking revenge on society
Mark Morton's just like me too til a couple of years ago taking it cool rolling a cigar back in '03
John Campbell's the calm rock of it all taking it slow and reflecting he's just like me as I am now

LPWJ 18/08/09

Mark Morton (lead guitar) clip

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 923 times
Written on 2009-09-15 at 22:56

Tags Music  Memories  Passion 

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i cant help but notice that the title is a modification of a lyrical quote from metallicas master of puppets