Larger than life!!!

At eight, I met you,
You were larger than life,
And I knew I had to live up to your presence,
Tough, Impressionable,
And both a lover and a fighter,

In two separate worlds we went,
But you were still my father,
And I was still your son,
Looking up to you,
Even though we were far away,
In distance and life,

I see you now,
And you still are,
What you were where we left off,
Larger than life,
I still trying to keep up with you,
I just hope I'm good enough,
To fill the shoes you wear,

I worry about you now,
But you won't let me,
I learn about me through you,
You don't share fear or pain,
In fear of giving worry,
But I'm strong enough now,

But I know, like my mom,
You still see the boy holding your hand,
And looking up,
A wonderful place to remember,
And where I might happily always stay,
Looking up to someone who will always be to me,
Larger than life,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 899 times
Written on 2006-11-06 at 05:51

Tags Dad 

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Amanda K
larger than life what a great declaration of your feeling towards your dad. i loved the poem and it was touchy.

keith nunes
such emotion, such spark you have brian. cool testament

Lovingly written for the man you will always look up too....Dad.