I wrote this as a teenager. It is a short children's piece.

The Snake and The Butterfly

One day in a beautiful garden on a sunny morning, a green shape came slithering by. A yellow, anxious flutter landed on a flower gently. The snake and the butterfly were all alone.

The snake came creeping up to the butterfly, frightening it.

" Please do not leave my dear butterfly, for I would like to chat with you," said the snake flicking its tongue.

" I can not for I am in a hurry," replied the butterfly fluttering its wings.

" Dear butterfly could you spare a moment to chat? I am so lonely," said the snake with tears rolling out of its eyes.

The butterfly felt sorry for the snake and it looked down and said, " Just a minute is all I can spare."

" Thank you dear butterfly," said the snake and with a flick of the snake's tongue the butterfly was gone. Never trust a conniving snake.

Words by Amy Buchanan
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Written on 2006-11-06 at 07:00

Tags Snake 

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thats very good we should not believe anyone if we know that they r harmful !!!
A very creative and informative text!!!