Everywhere you go, you decipher the necessary from the garbage!!!

Do you really need to know

Remember this,
In a classroom,
A teacher will tell one student a phrase,
And the student passed it on to another student,
And so on and so on,
It was done to make a point,
That we all should understand now,

The average human being retains only 20 percent,
Of any information given,
Just like copying a piece of paper,
Information fades rapidly,

And then you must realize,
What do you really need to know,
The movie they are in?, or,
The relationship they are in?,
What do they eat?,
How do they dress?,
We like watching them,
And like us, they are people,
Not property to be controlled,

A scene from "Notting Hill",
Played by Julia Roberts says it best,
Her character was a famous star,
And she was hanging out with an ordinary guy,
Played by Hugh Grant in a restaurant,
And two guys sat next to them,
And they started talking badly about her (to put lightly),
Grant saw that she was hurt,
And he was going to defend her honor,
But in classic intelligence, style and grace,
Roberts proudly stood up and introduced herself to them,
Just her proud stature put them all to shame,

Some are dependent, some use it wisely,
Because the nosy are truly greedy and lonely,
But it doesn't mean that their action right or especially wrong,
I guess you have to wear the shoes to understand,
I don't need to know their pain,
I just want to know their next project,
I don't need to know about their marriage,
I just want to know what their casue is about,
I don't need to know about their last surgery,
I just want a autograph,
Becuase I just can't retain the rest of the info,
Or just because they don't want anyone else,
Looking through their trash,

Just way too nosy for our own good,
Don't we have a backyard of our own to tend to?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 450 times
Written on 2006-11-07 at 01:19

Tags Nosy 

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Always shining light on what is most important....great insight and write brian.

Kathy Lockhart
wow, what topic. The poparatizzi have been put in their place. I don't like all the inside stuff either. I just want to be entertained.