For you and your tummy!!!!

Sensual whispers at a coffee shop

Standing in a coffee shop with you,
I didn't want to say what i felt out loud,
So i held you close,
Followed your lovely scent,
To your ear,
And began to explain,
With smooth, sensual whispers,

I started with Sarah,
"I have a smile, stretched from ear to ear,
To see you walking down the road",
And finished with Michael,
"I, I was standing, you were there,
Two worlds collided, and they can never tear us apart",

But the line was long,
and I was having too much fun with this,
I love to see you tingle,
You holding on tighter,
So I went further,
With gentle blows of air,
Not too gentle, not too hard,
You just gotta to do this right,

Let the people get upset,
Let the people get jealous,
The last time I remember,
They're not writing a book about us,
So smile and gently mind your business,

With every breath I take,
Every blow I make upon your quivering ears,
Soothes what ails you,
Soothes what bothers you,
And that's all we want,
It's more than a relation,
It becomes a relationship,
Of two souls happy together,

Beyond your aching tummy,
It's one taking care of the other,
As the one who will do the same,
All of this multi-tasking being done,
In fast but slow paced line,
In a coffee shop,
Whispering sensual words and breaths,

To make you happy,
To help you feel better,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 517 times
Written on 2006-11-07 at 05:37

Tags Whisper 

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So romantic and so lovely!! Great job!

Kathy Lockhart
ah the aromoa of coffee, the warmth of the shop, and a whisper in my ear. I turn around and its that nat heading for the rotten banana. Even the nat has another mission. LOL. This was a delightful read Brian. It tingled my senses.

tummy must be feeling better now lol
....brian this is so so romantic, warm, affectionate and sensual...i love it

you really put me in that moment