For Nep's challenge, I wanted to make this important!!!

The last photo of the WTC

I've been there,
Yes, as a child,
I remember that my uncle told me,
That they were twin towers,
And yes, I went into both,

Majestic they stood,
Towering upon the streets,
Of Manhattan, the borough that you only see,
It partnered the Empire State Building and others,
As the skyline I always see when I return home,
After my many travels,

My last photo in my mind of the WTC,
I saw,
The beauty of the concrete Camelot,
Peaceful planes and helicopters flew around it,
To see it, to praise its beauty,
It became more than some might say as,
"A tribute of mankinds greed",
But it is something to look forward to,
As we come home, like the Statue of Liberty was,
To the future residents of Ellis Island,
Like our fore-fathers and Vito Corleone,

The building were on what Bono proudly stated,
Built by the hands that built America,

We see only the fall,
But never see the rise,
Because in reality, it never fell,
Only our innocense,
Lights will shine where it is now,
And soon not only bricks and mortar,
Will soon rise, but a shrine,
Yes a shrine of what was lost and not forgotten,
And from there, we will show,
That they just hit a couple of buildings,
But they never took the WTC,
And they never, ever will,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 405 times
Written on 2006-11-08 at 02:55

Tags Wtc 

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Kathy Lockhart
A beautiful tribute that speaks of the soul of America.