The Laws of Attraction challenge has resulted to this, I've been thinking about this for over a week and yes, it's going to be a long one!!! Once again, thank you Nep, Liam and especially Blue!!!

The shower

A long day,
Yes, a long and stimulating day,
All I wanted to do was clean up,
And I saw you next door,
I don't know or care,
About what happens when eyes meet,
Or what happens with love and desire,
At first sight,
All I know is that I wasn't the only one,
Who wanted to clean up,

You came over to introduce yourself,
As you gently wiped the mud off your hand,
After shaking mine,
Nothing but an apology and obvious anitcipation,
I could and wanted to deliver,
Finally, I stuttered out a name,
But it was too late,
It was just too late,

C arbon copy romances
H earts that forever entwine
E ros shot his arrow true
M aking her love forever mine
I nstinctive chemical reactions
S educed, or so it seems
T asting loves sweet nectar
R ealising boyhood dreams
Y et another chemical romance

Lips met and clothes were ripped,
And they fell into traces,
Leading into the bathroom,
It funny how lust can make a simple deed like,
Turning on the shower such a clumsy, funny and difficult task to do,
But finally, we were in,
Raptured inclined and increased,
As dirt fell and replaced by passion and raw romance,
As so helpfully described by Nep,

Her beautiful eyes are hypnotic gems.
They lend a certain perspective
To my introspection. Why is that?

I have feasted in the deserts of the night.
And those eyes may be my dessert.
Ancient drugs are opiates, not sustenance.

I will plant you this kiss, miss loveliness.
Blue skies make me sigh, and I need to dine.
Those eyes are to sigh for, die for, cry for.

I wonder how they'll taste.

Continue as the man-made rain,
Sheltered us, but we want more,
Something further than what lust can deliver,
What do we want we don't know,
As I look further for the answers in your eyes,
The cleaner I get,
The more clarity I seem to lose,
Or do I really care,
What do you know and what can you tell me?,
Please tell me with your blue and anxious eyes,

electron exchange

two elements collide

forming this chemical bond

atoms configure

filling the shell

and atoms react with each other

near completion

energy changes

heat released

I'm staring at you

across crowded room

and you know with out looking

chemistry 101

This space is crowded now,
And it is about to explode,
With love expanding from,
The true heat of passion,
It fogs up everything,
But who cares?,
For the first time since our interlude,
We finally said "hello" to each other,
Exchanged names, exchanged glances,
And wonder, could we ever do this again?,
Will they ever let us do this again?,
I'll just remember you as Nep described you,

flashing rainbows in the clear blue sky
bell-bottomed blue jeans imbedded with stars
thick yellow rope with frayed ends for a belt
hanging down past my knees, if you please
a head full of shining, gleaming, streaming
flaxen, waxen, long, beautiful hair, i cared
a brown, floppy hat with a purple feather
jesus boots on my feet, rings on my fingers
love beads around my neck, home made, pony tail
sleeveless brown leather vest well past my butt
uncut tie-died t-shirt, splashing with bright colours
paraphernalia in my pockets, with my bread
quite the sight for the action, a chemical infraction

We clean up the evidence,
With an nervous smirk upon our faces,
Just a little awkward, just a little nervous,
We know that a time like this will come again,
As we savoured who we are and what we have done,
But who cares?, it was a moment in time,
We let want take over, and had no regrets,
That's why we've longed for the sequel,
That why we made us who we are,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 433 times
Written on 2006-11-08 at 05:36

Tags Chemistry 

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oh wow brian
i just love how you did this
very creative and very hot!!!!!

Kathy Lockhart
A wonderful collection of chemistry! Thanks for compiling and posting these lovely gems.