I know many who suffer with this horrible disease. I have met this demon, dealt with the demon, and dwelt with this demon. It lingers behind the dark corners waiting to sink its claws, its teeth, into a soul and rip the life from it. Recognition is Hope.

The Museum of Depression

In those dark, dark corners of a mindful mind
are entities ready to rule, to dominate,
to control the hallmarks of sanity.
They linger there sheltered by terror,
encased in hopeless abandonment,
thriving on sorrow and apathy,
expanding into the universe
of all thought, capturing with cancerous
tentacles the last vestige of life.
Ever growing into a tempestuous tumor,
sucking the life as a parasite from
a soul lost in the abyss of depression,
They consume.
The eyes, now blank, stare, releasing
polluted rivers of tears covering the
heart with painful poisons of rejection,
dejection, and plight. No light shines.
The once beautiful sound of peace
is muted, dead as the spirit it once thrived
in. Emptiness fills the void. Alone,
completely alone,
in a world of torment--except
for the voices.

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 2115 times
Written on 2006-11-08 at 21:41

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hi kathy i thought that this poem was a very precise and beeautifull account of deprresions wrath much enjoyed thanks. chester

But then, demons cannot stand the strength and shine of a diamond like you. I'm not surprised you won, you dream-princess you... :)

I know this feeling. and when in it, hope is the only thing that can save. it's hard to kill the demons though...

wonderful poem, about something real, though scary.


Many times I believe we all meet the demon as i have faced him many a times.wow, how dark corners can disturb ones mind,.
love this line:

"Reconiton Is Hope"

powerful quote!!

thankyou my mommkac:)

love you


It is the scary truth in which no one wishes to admit, you don't have to be strong or always be right, let somebody else take the punches once in a while to help you pass, keep the faith darling, it will always save you!!!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!

What a beautiful ly written and powerful piece of work well done rgds mike

Dan Cederholm
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Oh dear Kathy this poem is GREAT!

On the sea of darkness I have travel to

in hopelesnes and with so much fear

my sails where lost and there was no wind

so I maid up with myself and enter land!

On an iland i found my soul again

and my heart starts to beat my friend

so on the ocean of souls I set my sail


and with the wind I am on the move again

my friend

Regards Dan


Phyllis J. Rhodes
This sends a chill down my back. I've been aquainted with these deamons. You have described them and their hideous deeds well. I continously circle waiting for an opening, ready to swoop and feast on a sad soul. This battle rages in the spirit world everyday over millions of souls. It is pure evil.