Based on a scroll from a famous martial arts picture!!!


Once, there was warring tribes,
In a future great country,
One tribe became the strongest of all,
With an emperor with strong ambitons,
To unite the land under the sword,

But with power came assasins,
Three, in general tried many times,
Two, came so close,
That the emperor, never slept without his armor,
And with heavy upon heavy guard,

Once, came a warrior from a small area,
In which the emperor ruled,
Who entered the castle with the weapons,
Of the slained assasins under his blade,

Three different stories were told about,
The trials of the murders,
But that is not important now,
What was important was the scroll,

It was based on the word "sword",
A sign in which the emperor,
At the time of soon to be execution,
Finally realized,

At first, the man and sword,
Are side by side,
Vanquishing their enemies before,
As I looked further,
I see that man and sword become one,
They begin to lose the lust for fighting and blood,
Until the end when man and sword are separated,
There is no need for conflict,
There is only peace,

Within this story,
The words of one of the assasins,
Ring true "Our land",
To the emperor, peace must begin,
And it must begin with him,
With continuous war and bloodshed,
He was the only one that can stop it,
No matter what the outcome,
It still is "Our land",

A truth that still rings today,
The sword must fall,
As well as the warrior,
The question is,
Who will fall first?,
Even the greatest warrior,
Will tire and move on,
To find peace,
To find peace in,
Our Land,

Funny, til this day,
When the Chinese are asked about their country,
They still call it,
"Our Land",

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 402 times
Written on 2006-11-10 at 07:10

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