Angels in the city

Angels in the city
over your head, in your soul
whispering insane words just to make you
think about all these you've done

God sent these lifted hearts
to tear you into several parts
these eyes full of love, not mine at all
watch you fall, i hear you scream

angels over the city, sky's grey
one night in the name of your saints
keep walking over the rainbow
to find this golden key i need to have

angels keep me locked in your cage
i wonder if i can return to your arms
i know it's wrong, i know i'm weak
i just wanna escape, let me go

God sent these white dressed lovers
to make us dream looking in the countryside
paradise cities, yes, just fairy tales
i know, i'm an angel, and so are you

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 872 times
Written on 2006-11-10 at 21:47

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Dan Cederholm

Awww this is so beautiful about Angels . . .

and the longing for the loved one!

I hope you find the Golden Key!

All the best, Dan


night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Angel!!!*applause* You did it again!!! I love this poem!!!it's almost like part 3 now*applause*(you know what I mean)