I always write about dark things, this is my first love poem...

Part of my walls

Melted in as if you were part of this madness
from the beginning,
as if you knew my background and
were part of my walls forever...
I'd have a child with you
And name it anything you like.
I'd put you in a mental crystal box
And grant you all the freedom,
No matter the amount of orgies or their decadence.
I'd surround you with all my laughter
And let you be the devil itself.
I'd let you have every inch of my skin
and take my body,
the way you do in my dreams.
Night after night, morning after morning.
I'd kiss your arms and shoulders,
Let you dissolve in my mouth.
I'd play with each hair on your stomach
And dance naked for you.
I'd betray the world for you,
I'd forsake my 'house of men' for you -
And we both know how much that means.
I'd have many children with you and
Name them anything you like.
I'd admire you (as I do now) for being illogical and sinful.
I don't need you in the next lifetime,
I want you in this one -
I'd like to go to hell with you...

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
Read 844 times
Written on 2006-11-11 at 11:33

Tags Love 

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh to be with a vamp
Oh to intervine like two
Oh like snakes inseparable
Oh to be so connected
Oh how to take be taken
Oh into orgasmic orgasms
Ken D

Wow...you know, I really love vampires..and this almost reminds me of what one would say to another...hot hot.

Rob Graber
Well, I find this pretty darn astonishing: a torrent of emotion expressed in well-chosen words, and beautifully punctuated...

Catacomb Villain
A wonderfull pom,
The person about who this pom might be must be quite a guy,
Lucky man to deserve such words.
X Catacomb Villain

I'd like to go to hell with you......
I liked all your texts, you are a good writer. And this beeing your first love poem???? nice work!!!