Waves can be violent -
Like a priest, who lost all faith in God.
They can swallow you up
And leave scratches on your skin - the type,
Which can be caused by deep emotions.

Salt in each drop -
Spreading out fast like music,

Ending up under your fingernails, like dirt.
Inhale, exhale - maybe one day,
The waves will soothe you.

Reaching out my arm
Over the water, letting snowflakes

Freeze it - these tiny particles

Are dancing around, while I'm waiting
For an angel or a ghost
To come and catch me.

And here I am -
Clinging to all, while
All I want is independence.

I paralyse like a child around you,
If only I could find my backbone.

If only I could be a fish -
Just flipping my fins or a seagull
Flying with it's wings spread -
Never fearing death, never enslaved
Or kept in a cage for someone's pleasure.

I would scream -
Loud and uncontrolled,
to make the mountains collide,
But my tongue stays stiff
And as I'm grasping for air,
My fingers turn to ice.

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
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Written on 2018-05-23 at 13:34

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Excellent imagery!