A never-ending journey of what, when and why!!


We do it to be thrifty, no problem,
We do it be wise, no problem, either,
But when you do it in spite,
Therein lies the problem,
In spite, I mean,
When you splurge on the unecessary,
And then choose to be downright unreasonable,
To the bare necessities,

Some are in shock,
Some rant and rave,
And some even become ignorantly violent,
But whatever,
A fool chatters as the wise man listens,
And in this case, makes a sound decision,

There is a difference between a customer and a actor,
And that is,
A customer is a individual (s) who is in a place to purchase an item,
A actor is someone who ask two million questions,
On a product they know they are not going to buy,
They are just there to show,
And as an result, you will notice why some companies,
Are only open to people who want to buy, seriously,
And trust me, they will let you know,

There is nothing wrong with being thrifty at all,
But you have to be at the right place to do it,
For example, you go to auction to wager,
To buy a certain item,
You don't go to a mall and become Monty Hall,
And then wonder why you are being thrown,
Like you have many times from a bar,

Be wise, use what God gave you, a mind,
That consist of book knowledge and most of all,
Common sense,
Silence is a great tool, people are trying to help you,
Most of time, they are not there to rob, most of the time,
The greatest scam of the world is caused when,
The buyer wants something for absolutely nothing,
And then purchases the item without thinking,
For example, the original "Child's Play", Chuckie,

Which leads to commone sense,
If you do not have the money,
To get what you want, try this,
Save the money for it,
There is and never is a hurry to get it,
That's what happens to all of us,
We get it and then wonder how to pay for it later,
And wonder why things can't get balanced,
How can you stay out of trouble,
When we love creating it,
The minute we want something?,

At last, the commone sense you have,
It is not a privilege, it is not a right,
It is a duty to pass it on, to everyone,
Man woman and child,
That is what a community is about,
Helping each other less even the thought of control,
Because what is its need when,
Everyone helps each other to be better,
To be wiser,
To be better at being thrifty,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 389 times
Written on 2006-11-12 at 07:02

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interesting read...seems i am always a dollar short and a day late lol....well, i think there is a bit of wisdom in what you say here brian...we could all use this heads up at this time of the year.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
a clever poem Brian and you are very correct about the actor who asks a million questions and knows they are not going to buy
i get it when i sell paintings a succinct observational text