Chess, a game played or not, but always a symbol and guide of what some want to be!!!


Getting a haircut, I saw,
A man and a child playing chess,
A lesson never taught to me,
Probably was too busy,
Probably too familiar to it,
In another way,

The hardest job in the world is a leader,
And the hardest job in the world is a follower,
Because yes, there are one in the same,
A leader and even a follower must not close their ears,
Or eyes and even the door,
Decisions are made everyday, good or ill,
And you are accountable by all,
Even when the decision was not of your making,

And it never ends, it never ends,
There is no vacation, no delegation,
Because responsibility rules all,
Even when you are ten thousand miles away,
And this goes for everyone,

But then, I see greed,
Drunken with power, we become,
No one trust a decision when someone is in a stupor,
Especially when that is coming from a leader or follower,
We have the right to question, even at better times,
But we must know when and how to open our mouths,
In sensible debate, not ignorant ranting and raving,
And because of this, they're are no longer parties,
They might as well be "Gangs",
And even they have rules and regulations,

There is wisdom in the game,
It teaches that all pieces have a responsibility to the game,
To the regime and to each other,
In order to win they must depend on each other,
Even the leaders are important and most of all team members,
As an elder teaches the young,
So must we to others of helping,
To follow,
Helping to lead to better sunrises and sunsets,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 391 times
Written on 2006-11-12 at 07:22

Tags Regime 

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Chess is like life. All pieces play their part, but it's not which move we make now, but planning ahead to what our future moves will bring us.
Nice write!