Some of you know what I've been going through the past few days!!!

The crushing anger!!

Change is good,
Change is tough,
Confusing and frustrating,
But the big picture is,
That it makes things better,
For everyone,

Bad luck does comes in three's,
Three situations,
Three scenarios,
Three days,

What have I learned,
You can take the kid out of New York City,
But you will never take the city from the boy,
After you have been given,

A roadblock on a membership,
The wrong cable for your printer,
And a faulty web-cam,
All on one night,
The water does boil completely over,

But that's just one night,

The next is,
Getting the right cable,
The web-cam must be refunded,
Which will result in a meeting with Wal-Mart,
To get a better one, (in which I should of did in the first place),
Like, my new printer,
And I won the war, I am a member now,

What happened to reliability in the corporate world,
The work ethic has either diminished,
Or we have became completely dependent,
On everyone else but,
The song of the day is now,
It's everybody's, not mine,
A complete and total regression,
Of an reason plagued by being now,
An ignorant excuse,

If you don't work, you don't eat,
And in addition,
The ripples effects everyone near it,
But yeah, it's not your fault,
It's never your fault,

If you are responsible enough,
To claim that you are grown,
Then at least act like one,
We slip and slide a few,
But we all must get back up,
And stand elequently,

Anger boils, and then it simmers,
Like the smoke of gas, you can't see,
So you swing and swing,
Until you hit,
It is fair to say, when in anger,
Act to be ready to apologize,
In the same direction of the actions,
Continously, ever so repetitively,

Day three, things can only get better,
God's test called life must get a little better,
I'll guess I'll let you know what happens,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 701 times
Written on 2006-11-16 at 08:39

Tags Anger 

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It's ok sweety....we all have those days.
And a New York boy in my book is never a bad thing!! it better yet?


Kathy Lockhart
It is good to be able to voice and write our anger. The storm may rage through the night, but peace will come in the morning. Paraphrased scripture. xx

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
A text that has it all and man I ammwith you on the frustrations at paying to become a member

i had the same truoble but well sorted now good text rgds mike

wow!! great explosive read loved it
expressive of such force i felt in this