Just "one more time"

when we do that
I will ask you to do it
"one more time"

yes baby
one more time

we're here,now
we're together,now
so lets do it
"one more time"

yeah I want to remember this night 4 eva
so "one more time"

don't let me stop here
all alone

my feeling will be hurt
if you don't let us do it again
ooooooone moooooore tiiiiiiime

I feel so good
I feel so alive
so lets do it again
yeah "one more time"
Dance with me
just "one more time"

Poetry by Miro
Read 316 times
Written on 2006-11-16 at 23:35

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I miss dear miro and his romantic muse! There is something about dancing together that fuses souls in the most romantic way.

Smiling at the thought