The most simple we always take for granted!!!


I see,
Changes, they never stop,
Ideas thought but little do they move,
The lucky pay the price,
And the unlucky cheating to win,
At all cost, that someone else,
Hopefully, will pay,

I see you,
From head to toe,
Elegant and bruised,
But I want to help you heal,
Help you see,
That things may not be what they seem but,
Your beauty has never lied to you,
Sensual yet fragile,
Firm yet so soft,
I might be a novice at art,
But there is no need for interpretation,
Of what I see and behold,

I see,
The sun never sets anymore,
It works harder than we try to do,
It burns brighter than we burn out,
And unlike our paychecks,
It's payment is the land, always the land,

And then I saw you,
As she did,
She couldn't let go of the stare,
It was physical, it was an aura,
But reputations,
Created by magazines,
Blurs the image, even with glasses,
But somehow, the image comes clearly through,
And to her it is truly a sight,
To awe and behold,

I see so many times,
So do you,
But we never register images,
Out of time, out of interest,
Maybe, or never,
We can't control visions,
But we can understand why they come,
Why they come,

We all love candy at a time,
And so does our eyes,
I guess,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 416 times
Written on 2006-11-17 at 06:09

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