We all need a little warmth, don't we !!!!

Cuddle - A duet with Blue-eyed Soul

You ask a million people,
A billion couples,
And they will all say the same,
It's not the obvious we remember,
It's the way we hold each that stays in our minds,

It's the best gift from anyone,
Because it means more than a fleeting moment,
Of repetitious moves and longing,
It's the warmth,
Yes the warmth of you,
That is so genuine, so sweet,
That I forget time,
And lose everything to be,
Lovingly tangled and agaze,
In all fascination,

In the beauty of you
I find a sheltered closeness
A cool moon lit night
A hot sweltering summer day
Snowflakes shaken from the sky
Those rainy cold afternoons on the couch
Cuddled all the same, held within your arms
Who can deny these moments
When lovers envelop into one
Cocooned inside emotion
Two hearts beat harder still
And in the sweetest of remembrances
We always turn to these
The softest touch upon these lips
Finds you and I so free

Time never holds us,
Because it can never touch us,
Everything I want and need to be,
I see and feel as we keep each other,
Safe, in protection of emotions that do harm,
Need not say a word,
Because we read our eyes,
And it guides us ever so comfort,
Ever so shelter,
In the nest of the one we love and need,

So we rest our weary heads upon each shoulder dear
Capture just another lovely dream of all we share
Time can never rob us of these simple treasures
Wrapped and cuddled up in our arms together

Together we are,
Snuggled we will be,
Holding each other,
'Til we all fall asleep,

The dancers moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 459 times
Written on 2006-11-17 at 07:46

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Kathy Lockhart
I love this one the best I think. Its hard to say. But, yes, I think I love this one the best....yes, yes yes!! : )

keith nunes
cool write you two. well done brian!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
a beautiful cowrite with this excellent poet
rgds mike

Always a pleasure to write with you ...you make it an effortless delight Brian. Thanks for having me.